Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Today was the day for sequels, as I was heading to the movie theater for two of them. I was not a big fan of the first Peter Rabbit movie from 2018, but I did not hate it. I really disliked the sequel though.

As Bea (Rose Byrne) and Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) were getting married, Peter Rabbit (James Corden) continued to have his insecurities of his place in the family. After realizing that the book Bea wrote portrayed Peter as a mischief maker (or brat, as Mr. McGregor said), Peter become more upset. He walked away from his family while Bea and McGregor were meeting on the next book deal with Nigel Basil-Jones (David Oyelowo). Peter ran into an older rabbit (Colin Moody) who said that he had known Peter’s father, and wanted to bring Peter into his own world of stealing food.

I was bored with ten minutes of the movie starting. It began with a dream sequence which I immediately realized was a dream sequence (funny enough the other sequel I saw today began with a dream sequence too). I had no feelings towards any of the animal characters, finding all of them quite annoying. The joke of Peter’s voice being really annoying (which they brought back several times) was painfully unfunny. Most of the jokes were repetitive and not very funny.

I think there is no denying that I am not the target audience for this movie. To be fair, would this be a good movie for the kiddos? Yeah, but I could argue that our kids could use more quality entertainment. In the end, Peter Rabbit 2 would work well for those young kids, but as an adult, I was painfully bored for much f the film, wishing it would be over.

I do think the movie had some good moments in the third act wrap up, but those jokes got dumber as it went on. It really wore out its welcome for me. Still, there were some interesting ideas in the third act that helped me from really ripping this one apart.

The original is considerably better than this one. Luca would be a much better film for the family this weekend.

2.3 stars

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