Loki Episode Three


Episode three is in the books and there were some frustrations with it. Off the top, I loved the episode and I thought it was really well done. It is just a few things that I missed. The biggest was that I missed the presence of Owen Wilson. Wilson’s Mobius has been such a huge fixture in the series so far that his absence was totally felt. The other point that bugged me was that this was too short. It was over before I knew it and I was having WandaVision vibes. That show always ended at a point where I wanted more and Loki episode three was the same way.

Having said that, I enjoyed what they gave to us and there were absolutely some important reveals that they gave us.

Entitled “Lamentis”, this episode found our “hero” trapped on a doomed planet that is about to have the moon crash into it. It is an awesome setting and the background CGI is well done.

There has been plenty of speculation that this “Lady Loki” was not a Loki at all. Because of the use of the name Sylvie in the foreign language credits, people believed that perhaps this was actually The Enchantress and not a Loki variant after all. That has been laid to rest as we find out in this episode that Sylvie is the variant’s name, one that she changed from Loki. She is a variant of Loki, after all. I think that they are taking pieces from both Enchantress and Lady Loki from the comics to create this new character for the MCU. That is fine with me.

Early this week we see Sylvie and Loki taking on each other, as well as the TVA. The attack on the sacred timeline last week was a way to allow Sylvie to arrive at the TVA and get to the Timekeepers with minimal effort. She did have to fight several of them, and she discovered that her enchanting magic did not work here, which probably means that she had never been in the TVA before. She was confronted by Judge Renslayer at the golden elevators which supposedly would take her to the mysterious Timekeepers.

Another major reveal this week was that the TVA have not been created by the Timekeepers, as we were told, but were actually variants from different worlds, just like our two Lokis. Loki was shocked by this revelation and he mentioned that the TVA agents did not know this. This is another piece of information that makes us believe that the Timekeepers are not exactly what they seem to be. The façade is starting to be peeled away.

Another huge part of the episode dealt with love. Loki was working on a metaphor to explain the feeling of love. This was happening during the scenes where Loki and Sylvie are on a train heading for an escape ark, hopefully to survive the apocalypse of Lamentis-1. The dialogue between Loki and Sylvie continues the show’s excellent in the area, as they provide us with background details of what these two people think, feel and the life in which they have experienced It is also where the show confirmed Loki’s status as bi-sexual. I know this was a big moment on Twitter right after it happened and I am happy for anyone who was made happy by this news.

Then we got drunken Loki singing.

Loki and Sylvie’s mad dash through the city to try and find the escape arc, only to have it destroyed at the end provided us with some masterful shots and some beautiful imagery. The final shot of the episode left us in a desperate state, wondering how Loki and Sylvie were going to get out of this. The feeling of hopelessness washed over us all and then the sudden end of the episode made it even more despondent.

Some short thoughts:

  • Is there a romance on the horizon with Loki and Sylvie, a variant of himself? How would that work?
  • Who was the lady with the power weapon? Was she just a random character?
  • Lamentis-1 in 2077… any significance of this or just a random setting?
  • Loki this week had some definite Dr. Who vibes, or as was said by a few others, Time Machine vibes. Time Machine is on the DailyView list. Maybe I should see how familiar it is.
  • Loki slamming the glass down and demanding “Another!” was very much a throwback to the first Thor movie. Chris Hemsworth does the exact same thing.
  • Rampant speculation: Is Kang the man behind the curtain of the TVA? Possibly, yes.
  • I guess we now know what Hunter C-20 was referring to when she was saying “It’s all real” as we saw what Sylvie did to get the info on the Timekeepers.
  • I get tired of people online complaining about “filler episodes.” This is part of the narrative. It gave us important pieces of information. Online people complain when they aren’t fans of something or when they have expected something that doesn’t happen. Doesn’t make it filler.

Again, the bereft nature of this week’s show was frustrating, but that is because it was so good, I was not ready for it to be over.

Bring back Owen Wilson!

See ya next week.

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