The Time Machine (1960)

After watching today’s episode of Loki, I was enjoying the reaction to the show by the Late to the Party crew and they made a reference comparing this episode to Time Machine. Well, I chose to watch The Time Machine in response. Now, I believe that Robert and Vanessa from Late to the Party were referring to the 2002 version (which I have seen years ago) but the 1960s version was on my queue at HBO Max, and it would work perfectly for the DailyView today.

Based on the classic novel from EYG Hall of Famer H.G. Wells, The Time Machine tells the story of H. George Wells (Rod Taylor) and his invention of a time machine allowing him to travel into the future. Once there, he discovered that the future was a dark and dangerous place.

Wells travels to multiple futures, discovering about several wars that will occur and how the time becomes a world completely different. The people of the Eloi, vapid and slow (all oddly blonde), and the Morlocks, the night creatures, are the ones remaining. This is the timeline that the movie focuses upon as the others are just stops along the way. Color perhaps to show how humanity wound up as it does in the Eloi/Morlock future.

The epic sci-fi film has some wonderful effects for 1960. The practical sets and the design of the Morlocks were frightening. The Morlocks’ glowing eyes were especially creepy. It did win an Academy Award for Best Effects, Special Effects for Gene Warren and Tim Baar.

The confrontation with Wells and the Morlocks was quite well done and was an exciting scene.

I liked this classic and it was cool to be able to see this iconic story unfold.

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