The Silence (2019)

DailyView: Day 62, Movie 107

Gee, I wonder what inspired this movie?

To be fair, a Google search indicated that Netflix’s The Silence, today’s film for the DailyView, was based on a book that came out before A Quiet Place and that there was a script in place prior to the production of John Krasinski’s movie. However, I think it is a safe bet that this was put on the fast track for filming after the success of A Quiet Place, a “go Picture,” if you will.

A mysterious group of monsters, called the Vesps, suddenly show up, attracted to sound, causing panic and chaos in the country. One family tries to survive together. The father Hugh (Stanley Tucci) and his best friend Glenn (John Corbett) hope to lead the rest of Hugh’s family, including his deaf daughter Ally (Kiernan Shipka), to safety.

A poor man’s A Quiet Place.

Sadly, this movie is just a huge step down from A Quiet Place. You cannot release a film like this without expecting the comparisons, considering how many plot points they have in common. A Quiet Place had more of an intelligence behind it and featured a much more frightening tone. This one just does not reach that same level of tension, probably because we saw it before.

There are some plot points that pop up and feel as if they were just jammed into the film to attempt to build more suspense, but none of them worked well. The mother (Miranda Otto) is bitten by the creatures and need medication in order to survive. One trip to a store, setting up the natural conflict with the Vesps, led to Hugh and Ally getting what they needed and from that scene on, the mother seemed perfectly fine. There was a conflict in the third act of the film where a small cult approached the family wanting Ally. That was a problem in the third act that was shoehorned into the story and felt completely foreign. It was that old Walking Dead trope that in the post apocalyptic world, the real dangers are the other humans.

There is a silly scene with a rattlesnake. There is a moment where a family member sacrifices themselves with a scream.

Perhaps this is not a direct rip off of A Quiet Place, but since it came out afterwards, there should have been some adjustments to it because there is no comparisons that will favor The Silence.

There was a great scene with a wood chipper though.

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