The Ice Road

The new Liam Neeson action movie has come out on Netflix and it is much like many of the others. Having said that, I liked this one more than some of the others.

Neeson is Mike, who, along with his mentally challenged brother Gurdy (Marcus Thomas), is hired to drive a semi truck carrying drills to help save a group of workers are trapped in a collapsed diamond mine. The problem is the only way to arrive at the camp is to travel across the frozen rivers of northern Canada, taking a chance that the heavy semi trucks would be too heavy for the trucks. Called a “suicide mission”, there turned out to be even more dangers than just the frozen water.

There were some really good and tense scenes early in the movie with the semis and the ice that made you wonder how any of these people were going to survive. Some of the creative ways to avoid their semis from sinking into the ice was cool (pun unintended).

Liam Neeson is his typical solid performer. He is playing the same character that he has played in the last several years. His relationship with his brother Gurdy, who was a US military veteran who was suffering from PTSD, did bring a different layer to Neeson’s character.

Are there things that happen that are unlikely? Of course. It is a big, dumb action movie which seems to be one of Liam Neeson’s specialties. Having this streamed on Netflix makes this worth the time. I had a decent time with The Ice Road and it was fun.

3.2 stars

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