A Dog’s Life (1918)

DailyView: Day 63, Movie 108

It is going to be a full day today, so I am returning to Charlie Chaplin for today’s DailyView to watch the 1918 silent movie classic, A Dog’s Life.

In A Dog’s Life, Charlie Chaplin is in his Tramp character again and he is hungry. So he is stealing food using his slight of hand and his slapstick style. He then rescues a stray dog, named Scraps, from a pack of other dogs and the two of them become fast friends. Charlie then gets into a story involving a pair of thieves who steal a wallet that they bury to avoid the police. Scraps finds the wallet and digs it up, and Charlie gets the money, the end result being a wild chase with the thieves.

Charlie Chaplin’s physical comedy is fully on display here, a master of the pratfall and slapstick. Being able to create such a fun and engaging story with a limited number of words written on the screen is an amazing talent. Chaplin is a genius in the simplistic storytelling that gets the message across.

Chaplin wrote and directed A Dog’s Life, which was a financial success and a huge hit, being the first film to make $1 million dollars.

Edna Purviance appears here as she does in many of Chaplin’s films, playing a love interest for the Tramp.

I am thankful that HBO Max has this list of Charlie Chaplin films available on its streaming service which has allowed me to see some historically classic films, and to have films that fit into those days where life is busy.

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