Loki Episode 4


I am not okay.

Episode 4 was a rollercoaster of emotion and was just so unexpected that I am not sure how to handle it, or to even begin to recap it. I’m just going to go through some of the major points of the episode without worrying about any sort of order.

We see Sylvie in Asgard, prior to her blonde hair and prior to the name change, being taken by the TVA agents led by Ravonna Renslayer herself. This was before Ravonna had become a judge and we see how, even as a young girl, you cant trust a Loki. Young Sylvie stole one of the time doors and took off, starting an obsession for Ravonna and the consistent search for this variant.

They are not specific for why they took young Sylvie, since all she was doing was playing with her toys in Asgard. There is something more to this than what we have found out yet. Sylvie winds up asking Ravonna if she remembered this, but Ravonna lied and said she did not. However, there is something there.

Loki and Sylvie survived on Lamentis-1 because something major had happened and there was an actual Nexus timeline that was formed, despite it being at an apocalypse. This drew the attention of the TVA and they returned the Lokis to TVA headquarters. Some may wonder why they didn’t just leave them to die on the doomed moon, but with the new timeline being formed, they could not risk it. Instead, they brought them back to HQ to interrogate them.

And we got the return of Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif! She was in the Time Cell they put Loki in as a way to punish him. It was an old memory of when Loki had cut Sif’s hair and she punched him out. What a great cameo this was.

Loki and Mobius continued their dialogue with one another, both of them disappointed with the other. Mobius is trying to get Loki to tell him how that Nexus Event occurred on Lamentis-1 and Loki trying to tell him about the information he got from Sylvie las episode. Mobius was starting to piece things together, especially after discovering that Ravonna had put to death C-20 because she had been “compromised by the Lokis.” Hunter B-15 was another one who was having a crisis of belief as the enchantment from episode 2 was still bothering her. She went to Sylvie for answers. This trip back to Roxxcart was our first real emotional beat of the episode. When Hunter B-15 saw the memories of her past life, her line of how she looked happy was tough.

Of course, we were just starting with the emotions here because, after accepting that Loki is telling him the truth and having a powerful moment of trust between Loki and Mobius, they were confronted by Ravonna and other agents. After a defiant Mobius let Ravonna know how he felt, in an unbelievable moment of the series, Ravonna had Mobius pruned.

You could see that Ravonna felt terrible about this too, even though she held back her own feelings on the situation. Mobius had been her friend and confidant, but she was just doing what she felt she had to do. That does not make it any easier as we watch this character we have come to love in a short while get pruned. The pin in Loki’s face was tough too considering he had just professed friendship for this man.

Loki and Sylvie are taken into the golden elevator and are taken before the Timekeepers, who we had gotten a quick glance at earlier in the episode. I am not sure why this was done. This is the one big question mark I have in this episode because we find out that the Timekeepers are just androids as Loki and Sylvie, with help from Hunter B-15, break free and start to fight. Sylvie winds up decapitating one of the Timekeepers, revealing the truth. So, who wanted Loki and Sylvie brought here instead of just pruned as Mobius and C-20 had been? They do wonder who is behind the TVA if the Timekeepers are not real. That is most likely a major point still to come. Is it Kang? Ravonna? Another Loki variant?

Just when it seemed that things were going well, Ravonna is able to prune Loki. I can’t tell you how my jaw dropped. I had yelled out a “No” when Mobius was pruned, but this one was a shock. I stared at the screen dumbfounded. I did not know if there was going to be another Loki variant coming or if the rest of the show was going to focus on Sylvie. I was not thinking logically, since we have seen other scenes in trailers featuring Tom Hiddleston’s Loki that I should have understood that something was up, but it did not stick with me.

Sylvie got the drop on Ravonna and demanded that she tell her everything, holding one of the pruning sticks on her.

Then, we got our first mid-credit scene for the Loki series and it was a mind blower for sure. We see Loki awakening from his pruning and he wonders aloud if this was Hell and if he were dead. A voice tells him that he was not dead yet and if he wanted to stay that way, he needed to come with them. And then we saw it….

Kid Loki! Richard E. Grant in comic book Loki attire! Another guy… is he meant to be a variant of Heimdall? Um… is that an alligator Loki? And where is this taking place? The landscape behind them is certainly all messed up. The Loki series is clearly about to go batshit crazy… and I am all for it!

Can next week be here now, please?

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