The Forever Purge

Gee, any political motivation behind this one?

Guns. Immigrants. Taking back the country with riots. I don’t see any connection to anything in our news right now.

I’m not opposed to having political messaging in my entertainment, because there has been political commentary in the industry since the very beginning, but rarely has it been so blatantly obvious.

The Forever Purge is the fifth of the films in the film franchise of the Purge (which also had a TV show). In this one, the Purge has returned, but instead of being one 12-hour day where there is all crime is allowed, an organized group of insurgents decide that one day is not enough and that they would fight to make the Purge an every day thing until they could purge the US of all outsiders (which of course meant non-white people).

No mention if any of these people stormed the capital in Washington.

The action took place near the border of Mexico, making the Mexican-Americans the targets of the crazed redneck/Nazis who were behind the Forever Purge, together in a group called Forever After.

Our protagonists include Adela (Ana de la Reguera) and her husband Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Mr. Tucker (Will Patton), his sister Harper (Leven Rambin) and his pregnant wife, Cassidy Tucker (Cassidy Tucker) form a bond as a group and attempt make it to the border of Mexico because Mexico (and Canada, btw) opened their borders to American refugees. Ironic?

So there was a tremendous amount of violence and gunfire. I wonder who the target audience for this was supposed to be?

If they were going to be so political, then The Forever Purge should have dove into the issue fully, instead of taking advantage of the real life issue. This felt very exploitative and it did nothing more than indicate that the way through this problem was with more violence, in particular guns. The Purge itself in the film becomes more about the hatred of some people, the blatant racism in our world and less about the more subtle class warfare that the earlier movies featured. With it so out there, the issues are only handled on a surface level, diminishing them as a whole.

The Forever Purge is nothing more than a violent, gunfire-filled message of hate. There are so many better choices in entertainment today that if you want this, you can watch TV news.

1.5 stars

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