The Tomorrow War

I was not looking forward to this Amazon Prime original film.

There were no previews or reviews before the film was released. That is a bad sign, typically.

So I watched the sci-fi future/time travel movie tonight, and… you know what… I liked it way more than I thought I was going to.

Humans from the future year 2051 come back and give a message that the human race is going to be wiped out by an alien race that will be invading the earth at some point in the future. The present day humans are the answer to the riddle so a draft is organized to send people to the future to fight.

The plot is convoluted. Some of the CGI was wonky. It feels as if it is an amalgam of plenty of other sci-fi movies that we have already seen. It was too long and crowded with ideas that may not have been fully developed.

And yet, there was something here that put the whole film together into a fun watch. Chris Pratt is great here. He brings some serious credibility to the role from his history as Star-Lord in the MCU. J.K. Simmons is here too as the estranged, conspiracy theory-spouting father of Chris Pratt. He has some of the best dialogue in the film and his chemistry with Pratt is great.

Pratt shares many scenes in the first and second acts with Yvonne Strahovski and they are great together too. It seems like you can put Pratt with most anyone and get chemistry.

Some of the action gets repetitive. There is just a bunch of gunfire at the monsters, and that gets old. There is a decent scene involving the queen of the monsters that is a little different and helps get the film going.

I think this would have been even more entertaining on the big screen, but its release on Amazon Prime prevents that. The Tomorrow War feels as if the pieces are weak, but everything pulls together and is held together by Chris Pratt and the rest of the decent cast. It is not the best sci-fi movie ever made, but it is not the worst one either. I had fun watching the movie and I did not expect to enjoy this.

3.4 stars

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