Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

DailyView: Day 66, Movie 111

Today’s DailyView is the sequel to one of the beloved 1980s classic films from Joe Dante, Gremlins. I will admit that I was not a big fan of Gremlins, so I have never seen Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

What I was aware of was that Gremlins 2: The New Batch takes a distinctly different tone from the original. Where as the original was more of a horror film with a touch of humor, The New Batch is a full out comedy.

Not just a comedy, but a bat shit crazy comedy. It would border more on a parody or spoof of Gremlins than a sequel. In fact, if you think about the movie as a spoof movie, it might be more acceptable. Otherwise, this is downright ridiculous and silly.

I mean… the film was interrupted by gremlins, literally, and they had wrestler Hulk Hogan, in a movie theater, chastising the gremlins for breaking the film. They do break the fourth wall several times in the movie, but none like this one. Hulk was in the theater dressed in his wrestling attire with his title belt around his waste.

It is amazing that, if playing the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, there is only one step from Hulk Hogan to Christopher Lee (who is also in this movie).

Our little hero, Gizmo, found himself in New York after being taken from Mr. Wing (Keye Luke) who was guarding him. Coincidentally, he turned up in the offices of Billy (Zach Galligan) who had dealt with the gremlins in the previous film. Of course, one thing leads to another and the building is overrun with the crazed and chaotic gremlins, leading to all sort of mischief.

It is totally, utterly bizarre. They certainly threw everything that they could muster at the screen for this. There are so many weird moments that it is impossible to detail them all. I will say, some of them did work. There are some funny bits as well (especially if you look at this as a spoof movie). There are so many insane things happen though that it feels a little desperate to surpass the original.

The cast included several familiar faces including Smallville’s Lionel Luthor himself, John Glover, Phoebe Cates, Robert Prosky (who must have taken this opportunity to become the TV station owner, so he was ready for Mrs. Doubtfire), Gedde Watanabe (as Japanese stereotype #1), Dick Miller, Robert Picardo, Haviland Morris, Kathleen Freeman and Dan and Don Stanton.

It was a wild ride. A complete farce of a film. Nothing like the original. Still had some insanity that was funny.

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