Going in Style (1979)

DailyView: Day 71, Movies 123

I needed something to cleanse my palate after watching that atrocious Benchwarmers movie, so I picked out something with George Burns. Going in Style was a buddy film from the 1970s with George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg.

I had seen the remake of this movie a few years ago with Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and Michael Caine. That movie was not a very good film and was quite different from the 1979 version.

Wanting to feel young and get some excitement back into their lives, three friends, Joe (George Burns), Al (Art Carney) and Willie (Lee Strasberg) decided to rob a bank. Led by Joe, the three of them planned and executed the robbery, getting away with over 35 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, after the robbery, their age began to catch up with them.

The film is based mainly around the likeability of George Burns and Art Carney and their performances are just great in this movie. While the remake tried to bring more of a reason behind the robbery, this version’s reasoning why the three guys robbed the bank is simple and something that everyone can understand.

There is also a strong emotional beat in the movie. The three lead characters show how tight they were and how important they were with one another. Their friendship was such a vital part of the film. I was emotional with the involvement of Pete (Charles Hallahan) and his family in a couple of specific scenes. There was so much kindness in the scene that hit a note with me.

Going in Style is a solid and an enjoyable film that holds up.

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