The Benchwarmers (2006)

DailyView: Day 71, Movie 122

DailyView struck out today BIG TIME!

The Benchwarmers was leaving HBO Max this month so I put it on. I had not realized that this was a Rob Schneider/David Spade film. That was strike one. I started it up anyway with the hope that it might surprise me.

It didn’t.

It was mean-spirited, crude, and a total insult to the game of baseball. It tries to use an anti-bullying message to give it more depth, but it only succeeds in making further fun of the topic. It is amazing that an anti-bullying movie can be so much of a bully.

There are fart jokes, one puke joke, sex jokes. The movie is downright sophomoric and stupid. It is insulting and idiotic.

It goes into my list of most hated movies. I hated every second of this film.

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