Fear Street Part Three: 1666

Three weeks. Three movies. Netflix has something special here.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is a hugely satisfying conclusion to the Fear Street trilogy that started just a few weeks ago on the streaming service.

When last we left Deena (Kiana Madeira), she was seeing through the eyes of the witch Sarah Fier (Elizabeth Scopel) back in the days just prior to the infamous curse that split apart the settlement of Union into the two rival cities Sunnyvale and Shadyside. We then follow Sarah along through the tragic circumstances that led her to be hanged by the town for witchcraft.

I do not want to spoil anything here because the film is exceptional and the story takes a distinct path that is going to be enjoyed more with the uncertainty of what is being seen. I will say that the first half of the film takes place in 1666 and is paced remarkably. The film was moving at such a rapid fire pace that it looked as if everything was going to be wrapped up within the first hour and I was wondering what the rest of the film was going to be.

The answer to that is the film gives us Fear Street: 1994 Part Two (which they actually label as such). It takes us back to Deena and her brother Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr) and they continue on their efforts to try to break the curse and save their town from the continual murders that happen over the years.

1666 stuck the landing here beautifully, giving us a great conclusion to the story. The film is shot exceptionally, creating a distinct feel between the two parts of the film. The first part makes one think of horror movies like The Witch with the way it looked. It also showed us the way of the mob mentality and how easily it is to have one’s faith and identity manipulated and taken advantage of.

The tone remained consistent through the whole trilogy, creating some really solid frights and an anxiousness for the audience. It carefully honored the different types of horror movies and genres through the trilogy and made each one fit within the narrative that they were telling. Director Leigh Janiak brings everything together masterfully and shows that she has a flair for the horror genre.

This trilogy, based upon the books of R.L. Stein, was a risky proposition from Netflix, especially with some of the other original movies they have on their site, which runs has a low level of success per flick. However, Fear Street has three excellent horror movies and should be considered the pattern for future efforts on the streaming site.

4.5 stars

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