Space Jam: A New Legacy

A film that will certainly reignite the debate over who is the true GOAT of the NBA and the Space Jam universe: Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

Other than that… not much here.

I watched Space Jam: A New Legacy on HBO Max today. I was always a fan of the Looney Tunes but this really stretched that fandom thin.

LeBron James and his video game loving son Dom (Cedric Joe) are abducted by artificial intelligence Al G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle) into the Internet via a video game that Dom created. Al G. forces James to play a basketball game for their freedom. James is sent through the Warner Brothers world to recruit players for his team and he wound up with a group that he did not expect.

I don’t know if this sounds familiar, but the plot is pretty much the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan. There are some new twists here and there, but the general idea is the same. The special effects are really well done here and certainly surpassed the original. That is about where that ends.

The film spends a good deal of time simply promoting all of the Warner Brothers franchises out there, from DC to King Kong to Harry Potter. Most of the opening of the film was a giant advertisement for the WB. Some of these are fun, but they get old quickly and most of them are at the cost of the story.

I give LeBron James and Don Cheadle a lot of credit though because they are doing the best they can with what they have. Cheadle seemed like he was having a lot of fun with his over-the-top villainy and James does not make himself look good in the first half of the movie. LeBron James is a bad dad? That was unexpected.

However, the rest of the movie is predictable as can be. I wonder who was going to win? Yeah, I know already.

There was one cameo during the halftime of the basketball game that was clever and funny.

I was bored with most of the new movie and I expect that most adults would be. I will say that kids will probably enjoy this as it is targeted more towards them than me.

I’m not sure why this movie needed to be made. There does not seem to be any purpose to do another Space Jam movie outside of ego. Maybe that is the true story.

1.9 stars

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