Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back (1967)

DailyView: Day 83, Movie 143

In 1965, Bob Dylan went on a tour of England and, during the tour, Dylan allowed a documentarian and director D.A. Pennebaker to come along. Dylan gave Pennebaker an unrestricted access to the singer as they went from concert to concert, and hotel room to hotel room. This documentary would become Don’t Look Back and it gives an amazing look at the iconic singer as he was transitioning from acoustic to electric, from folk to rock and roll.

The legendary Bob Dylan was 23 years old during the tour and the cameras caught plenty of fascinating moments, from Dylan trying to find out who threw a glass out the window at a party in his room to his debate about an article in Time Magazine. It gives a deep picture of the crotchety musician.

The documentary kicks off with the video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” an iconic video with Dylan showing cards of the song’s lyrics. There are some great songs used throughout the doc, Dylan performing them on stage during the tour.

Some of the conversations that Dylan engages in with the people in his orbit are fascinating, and, I can only say, a little confusing.

I will admit to not knowing a lot of Bob Dylan’s music outside of his “hits” but this was a highly engaging and entertaining documentary with a man who was an enigma of his times.

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