Trog (1970)

DailyView: Day 83, Movie 142

Ever since the TV mini series Feud, I have been interested in the career of Joan Crawford. As it showed in the series, Crawford was desperate in those last years of her career to find movies that would hire her. The ageism in Hollywood was terrible at the time and, despite being one of the most famous and powerful actresses around. Because of her struggles to find suitable roles to match her status, Crawford wound up taking a lot of movies that were not up to her past standards.

Her final movie performance is a perfect example of this, as Crawford appeared in a film called Trog. A primitive being was discovered in an underground cave and is taken by the scientist Dr. Brockton (Joan Crawford). Believing that the creature could be the missing link between human and troglodyte, Brockton began teaching, studying and working with the creature, naming him Trog.

However, there is a resistance to Trog and a vocal opposition claiming that he should be destroyed is led by Sam Murdock (Michael Gough, Batman’s Alfred, himself!).

Joan Crawford plays this role 100% straight. There is no silliness or parody in her performance, which makes it all the funnier. The movie is so ridiculous that you can’t help but wonder why Crawford took the role. I guess paychecks are important.

Trog looks like a man with a monkey head on. Trog’s reign of terror at the end is laugh out loud funny.

I think that, despite how terrible the movie is, Trog is something that should be experienced. It is hard to explain.

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