This weekend saw the debut on Amazon Prime of a new movie called Jolt. It looked kind of interesting so I decided I would give it a try. I was enjoying it a great deal so I thought I’d heck on where it was on Rotten Tomatoes and I was disappointed to see it only at 36%. I thought maybe it got worse as it continued, but I enjoyed this all the way through (with the exception of one scene).

Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) has a problem. Despite being beautiful, funny, smart, she suffered from a rare condition that leads to her having impulse control to the max. Her violent and homicidal reactions could only be controlled by a shock vest that she was given by her therapist, Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci), where she can self-shock herself when she feels the bloodlust overcoming her.

Munchin had been encouraging Lindy to get out and find a relationship where she could invest her feelings, helping to replace the anger. Against her better judgement, she gets hooked up with Justin (Jai Courtney), who seemed to be perfect for her, and everything started going great. Until, that is, when Justin is found dead, shot in the head in an alley. Lindy, angry at the loss of someone she was starting to have feelings for, dedicated her life to tracking down Justin’s killer. The cops assigned the case, Detectives Vicars (Bobby Cannavale) and Nevin (Laverne Cox), were a hurdle in Lindy’s path.

Kate Beckinsale is fantastic here. She is funny, witty, and seriously bad ass. Over the years trying to prevent the homicidal impulses, she had picked up several ‘skills’ of the trade so she was a top notch fighter as well as other items that helped her in the mission of revenge she was on. Beckinsale dominated every scene with her presences and witty repartee.

The few scenes between Beckinsale and Courtney were charming and sweet. Even though you had not known Lindy for long in the movie sense, you see just how patient and caring Justin was with her which made his death all the more painful.

There is a surprise in act three, and I had thought about it earlier in the film. Although I did not come out and say that I knew exactly what was happening, I did read the signs that were there. That did not bother me here because the twist was not as important as the journey was for Lindy.

The film used a technique that took us into Lindy’s head to see how she was imagining what she was going to do to these people who annoyed her and that was very effective and funny. There were a couple times when I was not sure if it was images in her head or if she was really doing the action. That made the whole thing feel compelling.

There was only one scene that I hated and it took place in a nursery with Lindy and Detective Nevin. I would have preferred for this scene to not be in the movie because it through too much shade onto Lindy and made me question her motives.

With that exception out of the way, the rest of the movie was fantastic and I had a blast watching it. Kate Beckinsale carried the film and she was a huge star here. The surprise cameo at the end was also weird. Oh, and there is a mid-credit scene.

4.1 stars

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