Dragonwyck (1946)

DailyView: Day 88, Movie 152

TCM has been a nice resource for me to see some movies that I may not have been able to find on streaming services during the DailyView. Tonight on TCM, they played a 1946 Gothic romance movie called Dragonwyck. I had never heard of this, but the synopsis sounded intriguing and featured the classic Vincent Price. It is the debut of director Joseph Mankiewicz.

A young woman Miranda (Gene Tierney) was recruited by a distant relative, Nicholas Van Ryn (Vincent Price), to come to his mansion Dragonwyck to be the governess to his daughter. During this time, Nicholas’s wife (Vivienne Osborne) had taken ill and suddenly died. Nicholas had created a connection with Miranda and would wind up marrying her.

The local doctor Jeff Turner (Glenn Langan), who was there the night of Nicholas’s wife’s death, had also found feelings for Miranda, but he understood how she was in love with Nicholas.

Vincent Price is excellent as the proper, regal patroon. The film deals with several themes involving religion, karma, mental illness. There are some powerful scenes about the legend that the Van Ryn family are the only people who could hear the playing of the harpsichord played by the ghost of Nicholas’s great-grandmother Azilde whenever misfortune befell the family.

It was a weird sensation in the film. When Nicholas was having the meeting of the farmers working his land, there was a character named Klaas Bleecker. Bleecker was angry with Nicholas about having to give him the product and he attacked him. The weird things was… I knew the voice. He did not look familiar, but I knew the voice. It was Sherman T. Potter from MASH, Harry Morgan. I would not have recognized him at all since he had a heavy black beard, but that voice was recognizable. It was strange hearing Potter’s voice coming out of this unknown person.

This was very creepy of a film, with some tragic events. You kind of thought you knew what was happening, but you could never quite be sure. It was dark and mysterious. Vincent Price was excellent.

I was happy to have the chance to see a movie like this. I have to continue to keep my eye on TCM.

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