Blood Red Sky

My friend Chris asked me if I had watched Blood Red Sky on Netflix and I told him I had not. To be honest, I have been souring on the movies on Netflix as it seemed that most of them are wastes of my time so I had not intended on watching it. Then Chris said it was a worthwhile watch and so I looked for some time to work it into the schedule.

I am really glad I did.

Single mother Nadja (Peri Baumeister) and her son Elias (Carl Anton Koch) are boarding a plane so Nadja can go to New York and get an experimental treatment for a rare illness that she is suffering from. In the airport, Elias meets a friendly man named Farid (Kais Setti) and they connect.

Unfortunately, the plane that they were getting on is one that is targeted by a group of terrorist, led by Berg (Dominic Purcell) for hijacking. Things go crazy after this.

I’m going to spoil the first twist because the poster does so. SPOILER Nadja’s illness is that she had been bitten by a vampire. The more blood that she drank, the worst she became. Things get out of control quite a bit after this. END OF SPOILER

This was a tense and exciting film. The action taking place on the claustrophobic environment inside the airplane really made it unsettling and I was never sure what was going to happen. The film started with the plane landing with assistance from the tower and the army looking to get the “terrorist” to release his hostages. Then we flashed back to see the story unfold. This was a solid way of starting the movie.

It turned out to be bloody and violent, all very effective. The other passengers on the plane are a variety of people, but are not that important in the overall story. They were there to throw wrenches in the works for the story. While they were interesting, none of the others stood out.

Of the villains, the one that really stood out was Eightball (Alexander Scheer), who was shown immediately to be the most crazed of the terrorists. He was doing some just evil things and you really wanted to see this guy get his comeuppance. The rest of the terrorists are fairly vanilla.

The one major issue I have with the movie is that it was too long. It was over two hours and I feel as if this could have been a much better, tighter film at 90 or 95 minutes. Still, this is a minor problem since I really did enjoy Blood Red Sky.

Blood Red Sky had an independent movie feel with some decent looking effects for our spoilers.

I guess I should thank Chris. This is a good Netflix film.

4 stars

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