Jackie Chan’s First Strike (1996)

DailyView: Day 94, Movie 159

Jackie Chan’s First Strike is leaving HBO Max today so I thought I would watch it for the DailyView on a last chance viewing. I have not seen much in the filmography of Jackie Chan, but after seeing First Strike, I can say one thing for sure, Jackie Chan is awesome.

Now, the movie? Not so much. The plot was messy and the characters were all over the place. It was a dubbed film and I have historically not liked those. The acting and the dialogue were both simplistic and cheesy.

And yet the film was fun.

It all boils down to the amazing Jackie Chan. The action sequences are so smooth and choreographed so brilliantly that these scenes are all that really matter in the movie. And Jackie Chan is doing his own stunts. There was a scene where Jackie is fighting a group of men with staff while Jackie uses a ladder and the choreography on that action scene is breathtaking. There is an underwater scene that is perfectly constructed and is as original as you are going to find. Then, if you have not seen Jackie Chan on stilts, well, you have not been living. The fact that Jackie Chan does his own stunts is just impressive and buys into the mystique that he has about him.

Jackie Chan also displays a remarkably strong comedic timing that you might not expect. Jackie Chan’s First Strike is certainly as much of a comedy than it is adventure and Chan feels natural in the situations, even as ridiculous as they may be.

Jackie Chan’s First Strike is not the deepest or most intricately developed story or plot, but who cares when there is so much fun to be had with the action sequences. As a last chance on HBO Max, this was an engaging film.

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