Logan’s Run (1976)

DailyView: Day 93 Movie 158

This DailyView is coming late today as the day had been reserved for mostly new material, so I looked for something to fill the void tonight. On HBO Max, I looked at a film called Logan’s Run. It’s funny because I tease my friend Todd who works at my comic book shop, ComicWorld, because he had a group of the Marvel Logan’s Run comics bundled together on the table. Every week I make a silly comment about Logan’s Run, the comic. Now I want to make a silly comment about Logan’s Run, the movie.

However, I can’t because I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. I found Logan’s Run to be a well done piece of science fiction, albeit with some 70s camp and designs. That was the time of the film. The ideas and the concepts explored by the movie were top notch.

I think a good comparison is the old Sid and Marty Krofft TV series Land of the Lost (not that horrid movie with Will Farrell). Land of the Lost looked silly with its poor stop-motion dinosaurs and wooden acting. However, if you get past the weak special effects, the stories on that TV show were exceptional sci-fi. Logan’s Run feels very much like that.

In the year 2274, Logan-5 (Michael York) is a Sandman, security who prevents people from running by terminating them. The whole society lived beneath a dome and when they turned 30 years old, which is shown by a color of a jewel on their palm, the people would gather together in a religious ceremony called Carrousel, where the thirty year-olds would be renewed. However, as it turned out, no one is ever renewed and they are just killed.

When Logan is scheduled to try and find a place called the Sanctuary, a location where missing runners escaped to, he was actually aged and his own jewel began flashing. This caused him to reassess everything that he had been doing and, along with a woman named Jessica-6 (Jenny Agutter), he escaped from the dome. Once outside, Logan and Jenny found some surprising truths that shook their beliefs to the core.

There are still some moments in the film that are really unintentionally funny, but that falls into the time it was released in. There are multiple science fiction themes available in Logan’s Run including the Utopia concepts, the old age vs. youth, human beings destroying themselves, free will among others.

The biggest laugh I had is that it sure seemed as if Logan-5 was as good a shot with his blaster as the Stormtroopers were in the Star Wars franchise. He never hit anything!

Peter Ustinov appeared in the movie and his character was a real hoot. He took the movie in a totally different direction and I bought it completely.

Logan’s Run was much better than I ever thought it was going to be. I pictured nothing more than a bad 70s movie, but the sci-fi elements are exceptional and the overall film was wonderful (although the cameo with Farrah Fawcett-Majors could have been left out).

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