Fractured (2019)

DailyView: Day 102, Movie 172

I found this psychological drama on Netflix this morning and it sounded intriguing. The premise did remind me of the film I watched a couple of days ago, Flightplan. I was not a fan of that movie because their story did not make much sense. Could Fractured avoid those same pitfalls and create a tense and satisfying movie?

Ray (Sam Worthington) and his family, wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) and daughter Peri (Lucy Capri) were on their way to family Thanksgiving when they stopped at an out-of-the-way gas station. At a nearby construction site, Peri is backed off by a wild dog. When Ray chased the dog off, Peri fell into the construction site, fracturing her arm. Ray and Joanne rushed her to a nearby hospital where they hoped for help. After waiting for ages and having to answer all kinds of questions, Peri is finally seen by Dr. Berthram (Stephen Tobolowsky). He was worried about Peri’s head from the fall and wanted to order a CT scan. Ray walked them to the elevator, but there was a limit to how many people could go into the area. Joanne accompanied Peri for the CT scan and Ray went back to the waiting room.

Ray dozed off, but when he awoke, he was confused that Joanne and Peri had not returned yet. When he approached the nurse, he was told that there was no record of Peri ever being admitted.

Ray began a desperate attempt to figure out what was going on and he began to suspect that something sinister was happening at this hospital.

I really enjoyed this movie. The movie continually kept you off balance with exactly what was happening and what had happened to Ray’s wife and child. We got scenes where there are mysterious glances between hospital employees, but we also get implications that there is more to Ray than we knew. It kept me guessing the whole time.

The key to a movie like this is the ending. Does the ending nail the landing? Does it provide enough plausible answers to fit the pieces together? An ending can ruin what a movie like this is trying to accomplish if it is not well done. For me, this film’s conclusion was extremely effective and still maintained the uncertainty up until the final few shots. There were several moments when you would be lulled into thinking that you knew what was happening, but then the film pulled the rug out and flipped the script around on you. This was very solid writing and a good job of directing to manipulate the audience’s expectations.

I can understand if people did not like the ending, but, for me, it really wrapped the story effectively.

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