A Night in the Show (1915)

DailyView: Day 105, Movie 177

Okay, the day got busy. We had the debut of what If..?, new comics day, a haircut, reaction videos on YouTube… and then I found out the Dodgers were going to be on ESPN. All the while, I needed to do a DailyView for the day. Because of all that, it was time for another Charlie Chaplin film! And this one, A Night in the Show, is actually very short in length (25 minutes) as well as being the oldest film I’ve watched in the DailyView so far (1915). Thank goodness for Charlie Chaplin and HBO Max.

This is actually a film where Chaplin did not play his iconic “Little Tramp” character. He had two characters that he played attempting to see a stage show at a theater. One, was Mr. Pest, a wealthy drunkard who had little concern for anyone else in the theater. The second was Mr. Rowdy, a poor man in the balcony who nearly fell off several times and kept dumping things into the audience below.

With the shenanigans of the two audience members, the show is ruined.

There were the same type of slapstick that you normally see in a Charlie Chaplin movie. Most of it is funny. The score of the silent film is great, helping to sell the mood of each scene.

I really appreciate the availability of these classics that help me complete the DailyView despite having a day where time got away from me and that there are other things I would like to do.

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