Rim of the World (2019)

DailyView: Day 106, Movie 178

I saw a film on Netflix that indicated that it was from the director of Babysitter: The Killer Queen, which I liked, so I figured I would give Rim of the World a chance for the DailyView today.

This one was stupid.

Yet, I was entertained. There was just something about this movie that hit a few chords with me. Don’t get me wrong, it is terrible. Absolutely nonsensical drivel.

Four kids, three of which had attended a summer camp called Rim of the World, end up with a McGuffin that is the key to stopping a worldwide alien invasion. They had to get the key to a building in Pasadena in order to save the world as they were being pursued by an indestructible alien that was mad at them for killing its dog. Not even kidding.

Think Stranger Things meets Super 8 and The Monster Squad, but with more stupidity.

Our main kid protagonist is Alex (Jack Gore) whose mom sent him to the camp to get him out from behind his multiple computer screen. A typical nerd who has little personal skills, but is intelligent and kind-hearted. He was a good choice as the lead. ZhenZhen (Miya Cech) came to the camp from China, sneaking into the country, following a flier that she had. Why she came was really not dealt with, but she was a likeable young actress. The character was whatever the film needed her to be, and she formed a cute relationship with Alex.

Kid #3 was Darius, played by Benjamin Flores Jr- who does much better work in the Fear Street trilogy that just came out. Darius is the kid that I wanted the aliens to get right up until the very end of the movie. Darius is a giant cliché that kept going. Finally, there was Gabriel (Alessio Scalzotto), who they met in the forest at camp, but not a member of the camp. He had a weird backstory of stealing money (sort of) from his mom’s work and winding up in juvey. He is another huge cliché, but at least he felt likeable. He reminded me of Rudy from the Monster Squad.

Whoever wrote this movie or the director, McG, really have little idea about what kids are like. I have rarely seen any kids that are less like kids in a movie in a long time. There is no way kids actually talk or act like this. Still, by the end of the film, I was liking the group more than I did in the first act.

The film is inconsistent with its characters, atrocious with its dialogue, has a plot barely strung together and is filled with coincidences and obvious character flaws that have to be overcome to succeed.

What keeps the film from completely falling apart is the performance of Jack Gore as Alex. That character is just likeable and you want to see him make it. He also has the most depth of any of the characters here (albeit not a massive amount), but his backstory with his father had some emotion in it.

This is a terrible movie, but it has enough moments scattered here and there to make it a guilty pleasure.

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