Free Guy

For a film that was delayed and seemingly forgotten about for so long, Free Guy was damn entertaining.

It was just recently that this movie started to come back in the minds of the movie goers when there was an advertisement with Deadpool and Korg doing a trailer reaction for the Free Guy trailer. The genius of that promotion put Free Guy back into relevancy.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) goes through the same pattern in his life: wake up, say good morning to his fish, buys the best coffee ever, meets his friend Buddy (Lil Rel Howery), walk with him to his job at the bank as a teller, laying down on the ground during a bank robbery… and he does it with a smile and a song in his heart.

However, one day, when he sees Molotov Girl aka Millie (Jodie Comer) in the real world, he falls in love and pursues her, despite her being one of the sunglasses, humanoids in the world where they can do anything they want. Guy calls them “heroes.”

After pursuing her, Guy winds up trying to do something different. It leads to him confronting the bank robber than came to the bank every day and he kills him. He had removed the robber’s sunglasses and he realizes that there is something surprising when he looks through them. The world around him is a game.

Ryan Reynolds is completely charming and likeable as Guy, The Blue Shirt Guy. The idea of an NPC (non-player character) becoming sentient and taking the place of a player is a really creative and original concept. Reynolds feels at ease through the entire movie, allowing the viewers to engage with him as our unlikely hero.

Millie and Keys (Joe Keery) in the outside world have an amazing relationship throughout the entire movie which builds to a beautiful moment at the end.

The third act of Free Guy, without spoilers, is just tremendous. The arrival of a character called The Duke is so perfect. There are also some marvelous cameos in the film that caught me completely off guard and must have come through some reshoots.

Taika Waititi is the villainous and greedy Antoine, the antagonist to not only The Blue Shirt Guy, but also Millie and Keys. Waititi is impressively sinister in the movie and does a great job of making you hate this guy.

Free Guy is a film with a huge heart. It is a fun, exciting, remarkably entertaining film with a top notch performance from Ryan Reynolds in a world that is given some real time to be built through the NPCs. While it may be a touch too long, the pay off is so satisfying that it is worth the extra time invested. I am very happy that this did not get lost in the Disney/Fox purchase.

4.4 stars

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