Pay Day (1922)

DailyView: Day 127, Movie 200

Can’t sleep.

Tomorrow is also going to be very busy, packed full of things, including Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in IMAX. So I decided that since I am not succeeding in going to bed, I may as well use my time wisely and get the 200th movie done for the DailyView. That movie is the final two-reel short film for Charlie Chaplin, entitled Pay Day.

As for most of the other Chaplin films that I have watched during the DailyView, Chaplin wrote, directed and starred in the film. He composed the music, which is of huge important in the silent film.

Chaplin, in his typical Little Ramp garb is a laborer in a construction site. After getting paid, Chaplin keeps some of the money from his wife so he could go out drinking. He is able to return to his home just in time to act as if he had just woken up and to go to work.

Chaplin continued his mastery of the slapstick comedic form that he displayed in all of these movies. There is a joke with an elevator at the work site that is pure wonder.

Edna Purviance appeared once again as Chaplin’s regular co-star. Phyllis Allen played Chaplin’s wife.

These Chaplin films on HBO Max have been a godsend for me during the DailyView and, with just a few remaining ones left, I hope I can get by without them.

Now… off to be *fingers crossed*

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