Runaway (1984)

DailyView: Day 126, Movie 199

Tom Selleck was a huge star in the 1980s, a huge TV star, that is. He tested for the role of Indiana Jones, but was locked in on his Magnum P.I. contract to take the role. Instead, he wound up taking this role in the 1984 sci-fi/action film Runaway. All’s well that ends well for Harrison Ford and the rest of us. Maybe not so much for Tom.

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons starred opposite Selleck as the villain of the piece. His name was Luther. There was not much to him either.

In a futuristic society where robots did most of the common house chores and mundane work, Jack Ramsay (Selleck) was a police officer who specialized in stopping robots that were runaways. One case found one of the robots was not a runaway, but had been tampered with to create a killer robot.

There really is not a ton of sci-fi elements to Runaway, outside of the weaponry used by Luther and the box robots that rolled around the set. Jack had a robot housekeeper called Lois, which was fun, very much like Alexa with wheels.

The film was surprisingly dull considering. There were a few moments of intrigue but most of it was just a cliched cop drama with a few toys.

Selleck’s new partner was Thompson, played by Cynthia Rhodes. Jack had a son named Bobby (Joey Cramer). The scenes between Selleck and Cramer were cute, but fairly simple in depth.

This is not much of a film, feeling longer than the 100 minute run time.

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