Observe & Report (2009)

DailyView: Day 131, Movie 205

I had never heard of this movie before, but it came up on the Movie Trivia Schmoedown as a question and, I think it was Andrew Ghai, said he really liked the movie. So when I saw it on the leaving HBO Max list, I decided to give it a try. This was another mall cop movie, coming out the same year as Paul Blart.

This was way worse than Paul Blart. That should say something.

Ronnie (Seth Rogan) worked at a mall as head of security and there are all kinds of things going on. A pervert is showing women his junk, a robber is hitting the mall at night and Ronnie is having major issues. When Ronnie tried to apply for the Police Academy, things start to go badly for him.

This movie has some major problems. The first one is that the protagonist of the movie is 100% a horrible person. I hated Ronnie. He displayed every possible negative characteristic and I think the film still wanted you to root for him. I hated this character and I had no remorse for him. I think the end of the movie made me hate this character even more. There was zero personal growth and his arc was obscene.

But what was worse about Ronnie was that he was diagnosed as Bi-Polar and the movie seemed to make a joke out of it.

There are several jokes and dialogue in the film that absolutely did not age well. Some of the words used are just not used in movies any more. Ronnie was brazenly and unapologetically racist toward a Muslim character (played by Aziz Ansari).

There are a bunch of other characters in the movie that are just as bad as Ronnie. Ray Liotta played a police detective who started out as a friendly and kind cop but ended up cruel and mean. Anna Faris worked in the perfume section and was a horrible person. Michael Peña was Ronnie’s right hand man and another security guard with a deep (but predictable) secret. Celia Weston played Ronnie’s alcoholic mother. Finally, Patton Oswalt was a manager at a cofee shop in the mall. None of these characters are worth the audience’s support.

And above all else, the film is not funny. It is a sad movie with unlikeable characters and ridiculous situations. There is no way that Ronnie isn’t sitting in a jail cell to this day.

This was a terrible movie. I hated just about everything about it.

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