Abandon (2002)

DailyView: Day 133, Movie 207

Boy, the DailyView is in quite the slump lately.

Today’s film is another of the “leaving HBO Max” is September films and it is the third straight film that is just terrible. This movie stars Katie Holmes in the 1992 psychological thriller, Abandon.

The DailyView is 0-3.

Katie Burke (Katie Holmes), a senior at a prestigious college, was struggling to finish her thesis and find a good job when a detective Wade Handler (Benjamin Bratt) interviewed her on his missing persons case, Katie’s former boyfriend, the eccentric Embrey Larkin (Charlie Hunnam). Things become even more complicated when Embrey returned and started seeing Katie around.

For a psychological thriller, this movie is really quite dull. I was bored by a good chunk of the first hour of the movie as it inanely moved from current day to flashbacks dealing with Katie and Embrey’s relationship. The plot is a mess, needlessly convoluted and, as I said, took too long to get going. The twist of the story was clear as the film progressed, unsuccessfully toward the third act.

To be fair, the best part of the movie was the very final scene with Katie and Handler, but by that point, the film was beyond making a comeback.

No performances stood out in this clunker. Zooey Deschanel was the one actor in the film that did anything with her character, playing Katie’s roommate.

I need to try and find a film for tomorrow that breaks this string of crap that I am on.

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