Abbott & Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff (1949)

DailyView: Day 134, Movie 208

I have had three consecutive DailyView that have been terrible. So when I needed to find a film that was a sure fire winner. In order to find that, I went back to my childhood to one of my favorite comedic pairs, Abbott and Costello. Looking through their list of movies, I found one that was intriguing and that I had not seen. It was Abbott and Costello Meets the Killer, Boris Karloff.

Freddie Phillips (Bud Costello) is a bumbling bellhop at a secluded hotel where a murder has taking place, and the clues are pointing to Freddie as the culprit. Freddie turns to hotel detective Casey (Bud Abbott) for help as bodies continue to pile up.

The original victim was Amos Strickland (Nicolas Joy), a lawyer who planned on releasing a memoir of all of the secrets that he picked up over the years. This attracted plenty of potential suspects, including the Swami Talpur (Boris Karloff).

Lou Costello was great as Freddie. This film highlighted the classic Abbott and Costello slapstick humor and wordplay that made them such an iconic duo. You can’t help but find the hijinks of the EYG Hall of Famers funny. This film even had a pretty decent mystery with the murders. The title of the movie may or may not be a spoiler.

Some of the situations are silly, but Lou Costello never fails to dive in with both feet. He is clearly willing to do anything for a laugh and Bud Abbott continues to be perhaps the best straight man to ever appear on screen.

This was a lot of fun, filled with laughs and ended the streak of flops for the DailyView!

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