The Times of Harvey Milk (1984)

DailyView: Day 155, Movie 236

A powerful and compelling documentary about the life of Harvey Milk, one of the leading voices supporting gay rights in the late 1970s, his struggles to battle the prejudice and hatred of people and the terrible assassination by a former political adversary.

Narrated by Harvey Fierstein, the documentary presented information on Harvey Milk and his charismatic manner of working for his causes. You could see just what kind of a wonderful man Harvey Milk was in news reels and footage. Just as compelling was the aftermath of the trial of Dan White, the man who murdered Milk and Mayor George Moscone, where protestors took to the street and violence erupted.

The documentary is just as relevant today as it was back in 1984. In fact, I think it may be even more relevant in today’s society because it can be seen in many different levels. It is almost impossible to watch the doc and not think about the riots and the protests after the George Floyd murder in early 2020.

I was unaware of this story and that is a shame. This kind of tragic tale is one of the deepest seeded problems our country has to this day. While gay rights have become a more accepted topic, the underlying hatred is still there and hopefully can be carved out. Harvey Milk is a figure that should always be remembered.

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