I Am a Ghost (2012)

DailyView: Day 156, Movie 237

The DailyView binge has reached October and, while I will not be strictly watching the horror genre in honor of Halloween, I will be increasing the number of horror movies I watch this month. The first one was a 2012 independent horror movie called I Am a Ghost.

Emily (Anna Ishida), a troubled spirit, haunts her house, repeating normal daily chores and actions. Emily is unable to leave the house and finds herself confused and lost. As things begin to add up, Emily winds up having discussions with Sylvia (Jeannie Barroga), a clairvoyant hired by the current residents of the house to remove the spirit contain within.

Through the therapeutic discussions, Emily is forced to face terrors from her past that may hold the key to why she is unable to pass on to the other side.

This film is very disturbing and keeps audiences unsettled. The music, the repetitive scenes and the truth of what was going on was nerve-wracking and frightening. Anna Ishida, who provided the only real face in the movie, does an amazing job of giving us every level of emotion possible.

The third act of this movie is David Lynch level of filmmaking. There are terrifying moments and images that are just beautifully tragic. Exceptionally unnerving, I Am a Ghost started slowly, but built up extremely well and, as I said, the finale was unbelievable.

I Am a Ghost is directed by H.P. Mendoza, who did a spectacular job. It is a very eerie and unsettling film worth the time for a Halloween viewing.

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