Black as Night

Amazon Prime has two new films in the Welcome to Blumhouse series. The first one I watched was Black as Night, taking place in New Orleans and fighting vampires.

Shawna (Asjha Cooper) is a 16 year old girl who, along with her best friend Pedro (Fabrizio Guido), the boy she was crushing on Chris (Mason Beauchamp) and a vampire ‘expert’ (Abbie Gayle), went on a mission of revenge one summer to kill vampires, in particular one who had killed her mother (Kenneisha Thompson).

This is one of those movies that was fun when initially viewed, but slips upon reflection. There were plenty of things that were silly or troublesome when you think back on it. Asjha Cooper is a 28-year old actress whose character is supposed to be 16. I never really bought her as a 16 year old as she always felt older. Another drawback was the inclusion of a second group of vampires who were wanting to help. That plot point came out of nowhere and did not pay off in any sufficient manner.

How these kids suddenly became these great vampire fighters was another surprise. I was not fond of the third act conclusion either.

Keith David is also in the movie and he is always a great addition to a cast.

The movie dealt with the fallout, even over a decade later, of Hurricane Katrina on the population of New Orleans. This bit of the story worked well, and I enjoyed Shawna and her father’s (Derek Roberts) relationship. They had a nice scene as they discussed the death of her mother.

Overall, the film can be fun, but thinking back on it, there are too many elements that simply do not work.

2.7 stars

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