The Limehouse Golem (2016)

DailyView: Day 160, Movie 241

How about a Victorian era London horror/mystery/thriller featuring a Jack the Ripper style killer and a mystery worthy of the Scotland Yard gentlemen detectives? Yes, please. I found this one going through the film available on Hulu tonight and this sounded like a good one.

I have always had a fascination with Jack the Ripper and other serial killers, which they would eventually be labeled.

So I wanted to go ahead and watch this movie from 2016 called The Limehouse Golem starring Bill Nighy and Olivia Cooke.

The infamous Limehouse Golem killer was running around London causing panic and fear. Scotland Yard sent the well known detective John Kildare (Bill Nighy), an act that Kildare suspected was a plan to set him up as a scapegoat, a detective to be a failure to the public.

Kildare started investigating the case anyway and the evidence led him to the sensational trial of Lizzie Cree (Olivia Cooke) who was accused of poisoning her playwright husband John Cree (Sam Reid). She was facing losing the case and her life, but Kildare had the suspicion that John Cree was the Limehouse Golem killer.

The performances of the film were good, especially Bill Nighy as the Scotland Yard inspector. Olivia Cooke played her damaged character extremely well and you were never sure exactly what had happened with her. I liked how her character was played.

The story was filled with red herrings trying to make us confused with the killer. They did a neat thing during flashbacks of showing the suspect narrating the murder of the certain victims. It was clear that the film was using the technique to help tell the story and not just cause confusion. I liked that trick very much.

I did have a pretty good idea about who the killer was going to turn out to be. That did not bother mem even though it typically does. It all did fit together and I like when a movie works.

This was a good watch and a nice addition to the October DailyView.

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