Shoulder Arms (1918)

DailyView: Day 161, Movie 242

With the Dodgers game tonight on TBS, I knew it would be difficult to get a movie watched for the DailyView today so, after watching What If…? this morning, I pulled up HBO Max and found one of the Charlie Chaplin movies, Shoulder Arms.

Shoulder Arms was just shy of forty minutes long and saw Charlie Chaplin out of his “Little Tramp” persona. Instead, he was Charlie, the Doughboy, an infantryman during World War I. Charlie, along with his real life brother Sydney Chaplin, were two soldiers dealing with all kinds of situations in the war. Set in France, the film became one of the first films that was a comedy set in wartime.

Shoulder Arms is very funny as Chaplin is the master of this brand of comedy. The slapstick and pantomime is top notch. This was one of Chaplin’s most popular films and felt more epic than a lot of his other, shorter films that I have done during the DailyView.

This was a lot of fun and worked well to keep the DailyView going. Go Dodgers!

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