The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Become Mixed-Up Zombies (1964)

DailyView: Day 163, Movie 244

As I was going through the list of different horror movies of the sixties, I found a mention of a film considered one of the worst ever made. A zombie movie that was a musical. What?

Of course, the ridiculous title was a drawing factor as well.

As I was looking for a version to watch, I saw that MST3K had done this on their program which, after seeing it, makes perfect sense. MST3K would improve this exponentially.

Full fledged ridiculousness, terrible acting, terrible special effects, a rambling story that makes no sense with no character motivation and a bunch of song/dance routines.

Now I do not consider this a musical because no one ever just broke out in song. All of the numbers took place on a stage in front of an audience. This is Spinal Tap is not a musical, but there is music that is a signature piece of the story.

I did not mean to compare this flaming pile to This is Spinal Tap, a true legendary film, but I needed an analogy.

The zombies were not the only ones in this movie that were mixed-up. I was too.

Legitimately, there is no protagonist. There was barely any zombies. However, we did get plenty of songs and dance numbers, so there is that.

I would like to see the RiffTrax guys do this one for Halloween or something like that. It truly is one of the worst films ever done.

Now I’m going to watch Muppets Haunted House. I expect better acting, for sure.

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