Halloween Kills

I was really looking forward to the new Halloween movie. I have enjoyed the trailers and what I had seen up to this point. Michael Meyers is an iconic villain and monster. This new version of Michael Meyers ignored a lot of the previous films and came as a direct sequel to the first Halloween movie.

However, I was terribly disappointed with the new movie. Halloween Kills tries to give a message about the state of human affairs in face of horror, but it is so painfully apparent what they are trying to do that it lacks all subtlety.

The film picks up after the last Halloween movie ended, with Michael trapped inside a burning house and Laurie (Jamie Lee Curits) being rushed to the hospital by her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). There were flashbacks setting up some of the other characters that were going to be involved in the vigilante mob.

Vigilante mob? Oh yeah, there is one of those.

I’ll get back to that. Halloween Kills takes Michael Meyers and makes him kill a bunch of secondary characters as he moved toward his childhood home. Not sure why he went inside some of those houses to kill these random people who were not doing anything. It was like a murder road trip. These kills seemed to be so random that it lessoned what Michael Meyers was.

When Michael Meyers was inside the car, well that was probably the most ridiculous part.

Meanwhile at the hospital, all of Michael’s victims were joining up, being egged on by Tommy (Anthony Michael Hall), the kid who Laurie was babysitting in the original Halloween movie. Tommy seemed to be really crazed on the “Evil must die tonight” bandwagon that was creating a mob. Tommy spearheaded the mob to chase after a short, fat guy whom they believed was Michael. I did not understand any of this since there was no way this guy matched the body type of Michael Meyers. That did not stop us though. Of course the analogy was being made that Michael had turned these normal people into monsters too. That message was bashing us over the head and was even verbalized by Judy Greer. This whole side story did not work at all.

Laurie, who had already jabbed a syringe filled with painkiller in her butt to be able to go fight Michael, wind up in a philosophical discussion with Will Patton’s Officer Hawkins. Laurie is not a major part of this movie despite the use of her in the promotional materials. Don’t be fooled by the trailers, Laurie is sidelined.

This movie felt as if its only purpose is to set up the sequel. There is not a story being told in this movie. It is just biding its time until the eventual finale with Michael vs. Laurie in next year’s Halloween Ends. The film had some ideas but they did not work and were some of the worst parts for me. Michael Meyers was too much of a cartoon to be scary and the excess blood and gore did not make these kills better.

Halloween killed here, but not in the way they may have wanted.

2.3 stars

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