Prom Night (1980)

DailyView: Day 171, Movie 252

It is Peacocktober on Peacock right now and I found a horror movie that I had not seen before while looking through the streaming service’s list. It was 1980’s Prom Night and that will be the next movie in the DailyView binge.

What a load of crap this was.

Prom Night did feature Jamie Lee Curtis as Kimberly Hammond, a girl whose sister was killed several years before in an accident. We saw the incident occur and, like much of the movie, it made no sense. Four kids were playing a warped version of hide and seek in an abandoned convent, where the seeker pretended to be the killer. However, when Kim’s sister Robin showed up, all four of the kids turned on her and chased her around. It led to Robin falling from a window and dying. The four kids promised to never speak of the accident again.

The four kids grew up and were preparing for prom when someone began stalking them and started killing them off.

The writing on this was just terrible. The dialogue was bad. The mystery was poorly constructed. There was only one or maybe two people the killer could possibly be, but when we saw the masked figure, it really limited the choices.

One major problem with Prom Night for me was that I was rooting for the masked killer. The little kids who tormented Robin and left her for dead were so unlikable that I wanted to see them all pay for their selfishness and their cruelty. When they were near adults, they were not any less obnoxious than they were as youths.

Then, some of this was laugh out loud funny instead of scary. I nearly busted a gut in the scene at the prom just before the Prom King was going to be announced.

There were no characters developed at all. Leslie Nielson was here as Kim’s father, but his role was so underwhelming that he felt like a waste. Antoinette Bower was used even less than Nielson was. I hope they got a nice payday out of it.

Prom Night was a sad rip off of Carrie and was a terrible movie. I did not like anything in this one.

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