Squid Game Ep 2



So, with episode two of Netflix’s Squid Game, I tried something different. Episode one I watched with the subtitles in the actual Korean language. For episode two, I tried the dubbed version. Typically, I do not like the dubbed versions of entertainment, but I wanted to see if this would be an exception.

It wasn’t.

The dubbed version was considerably less engaging than the Korean language/subtitle version and, because of that, I just did not enjoy episode two near as much as I did episode one. I also think it was a major error in choice for me because episode two turned out to be so different than the first episode with the majority of the group voting to leave the Squid Game and return to their own lives.

Did not see that happening.

But, it meant that there was more emotional depth going on as we see the different characters and the horrible lives that they were living prior to being recruited into the Squid Game. With the dubbed version, these emotional bits did not land near as well. The original Korean may not be understandable, but the real voices and the sound of the voices were so much more real… so much more tonally correct than these dubs that it feels more like acting going on. It felt more cartoony with the dub and that did not work with the story that was being told. Watching a review of the episode on Preview’d with Jay and Adam, the scenes they showed were just so much more thrilling or powerful with the original Korean language than what I watched.

Moving forward, I will be watching the subtitled version from now on.

This episode dove deeper into the back story of most of our main characters, giving us an idea of what their lives were like. Our main characters decided that they had to go back, and were given an opportunity to do so. At this point, there will be less of a feeling of this being something that was done to them and more of something that they chose to do to try and escape the hell that their lives had become.

A few moments that stood out:

  • The crushing of the hand. Whoa… brutal.
  • The inclusion of the detective following the Squid game pick up van brings anew wrinkle.
  • The pickpocket still being awake in the van after the gas at the very end of the show.
  • Gi-hun and his interaction with his ex-wife’s husband. Another one of those powerful moments undermined with the dub.

Looking forward to everyone coming back to the land of the multiple bunk beds and seeing what happens next to out ensemble cast.

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