Squid Game Ep 3


The Man with the Umbrella

Squid Game continued on in episode three with some of our characters forming alliances, a couple of people going undercover or stealthy, and a rousing and unbelievably tense game of Honeycomb.

I really enjoyed the forming of the team with Gi-hun partnering up with Sang-woo, Ali Abdul and Number 001. I will say immediately that Gi-hun has taken a huge step in likeability for me. For the first few episodes, he was not a character that I cared much for despite being our protagonist. Maybe it is more like I saw this character as a rotten person and I did not want to like him. However, in this episode, that took a turn as he became more than just the whiny, money grubbing jerk that he was. Just the smile on his face as he was interacting with his teammates really went a long way to making this character appealing.

And there is no doubt that I love Number 001 and Ali (Number 199). These two characters are going to be heart-wrenching if and when they die.

Honeycomb was this episode’s game and I cannot imagine how horrendous it would be trying to do this detailed work, trying to cut out certain shapes from the honey cookie, with people being shot all around them and dead bodies bleeding out on the ground beside you. All of the peripheral events could not be help to make you more anxious and less careful, I would think.

We are also beginning to get a look at the inside of Squid Game thanks to our friendly neighborhood detective, Jun-ho. He was able to tail the vans to the ship that would take the participants back to the island. He was able to jump one of the “guards” and take his place. He found the going to be very challenging considering that he was not sure of the procedures of the game and his job. There were several points where it seemed as if he was going to be caught, but he was able to slip through and survive.

This show has a combination Hunger Games/LOST feel to it. LOST because of the island aspect, plus how most of these people had bad lives before arriving on the island. In LOST, we got flashbacks showing how rotten the lives of the survivors were and how they were not good people. The characters on LOST many times were not very likable in their past lives and we get to see a new side once they were on the island. This is very much like most of these characters in the Squid Game. There is also the mysterious organization behind the whole thing, much like the Dharma Initiative.

Only six more episodes to go. I had really not intended to watch these as closely together as I have, but they are engaging and easy to consume. I did go back to the Korean language with English subtitles this episode (which I will do for the remainder of the season). It is just so much more emotional to hear the real voices that matched the lips and the facial expressions coming from these actors.

A few more items:

  • What is up with the guy who got the message in his bread?
  • Sae-byeok is one bad ass character.
  • Our villain in the black mask is very mysterious. Wild speculation: Could he be Jun-ho’s missing brother?
  • Poor young kid under that square helmet. What is the story behind these “guards?” Are they as much of victims as the players?

There are a lot of questions being raised about exactly what is going on here and how something this large and intricate can be carried out. I am excited to see where this goes from here with six more episodes to go.

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