Squid Game Ep 4


Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Not fair! Not fair!

I’m talking about the tug o’war at first even though it ended the episode because of how it ended the episode. It was the cruelest cliffhanger cutaway that I have seen in a long time. When Gi-hun’s team was losing their mojo in the life or death tug o’ war match, they tried a desperate ploy that did not work on ABC’s Battle of the Network Stars back in the early 1980s. They were going to take three steps forward and then try and catch the other team off balance. Except the show went to break just as they did it and ended for the episode. I literally jumped out of my seat and yelled at the screen.

The strategy laid out by Number 001 as a way for their smaller team to win the Tug O’ War was fantastic too and there was so much anxiety during the matches that it was palatable.

And if that was the only moment in this episode, it would have been great. However, there was an insane riot in the bunk beds room too.

Set up by shorting the group their food, the Squid Game boss wanted the participants to attack each other, eliminating the weakest among the remaining people.

The riot was utterly breathtaking. I sat and watched with a stunned silence as they reigned violence down upon each other.

This was the best episode so far for Number 001. He gave us the range of emotion from fear to confusion to confidence. Actor Yeong-su Oh ha been a highlight so far in the drama, but in this episode, he just soared into the atmosphere.

Again this episode had the participants shoring up their allies/groups. Gi-hun invited the pickpocket Sae-byeok to come to their side before the chaos erupted when the lights went out. After the riot ended, the group exchanged real names in order to build more trust with each other.

Our villains were getting together more as well, including the doctor who continued to be getting secret messages in his food, letting him know what the next game is. We found out why in episode 4. He is doing the organ harvesting on the dead bodies of the participants, so he had worked out a deal to keep him alive. So we know that the Squid Game deals with selling organs, presumably on the black market.

This was, by far, my favorite episode of the series so far. The constant uneasiness is just pervasive through the show, but there are some excellent characters that are proving to be worth rooting for. They have several villains too that are just pushing every button right.

And then they had the cruelest cliffhanger….

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