Squid Game Ep 5


A Fair World

As we wrapped up the Tug O’War cliffhanger from last episode, the fifth episode took a deeper look at the organ harvesting operation being run out of the Squid Game. We found out that the whole organ harvesting and subsequent selling of organs to the Chinese was outside of the typical part of the game. The villain in the black mask knew what was going on, but he turned his eyes away from that aspect. He wanted to keep the fairness of the game, which had been tainted by the use of the Doctor, giving him inside information on what was the next game. This is a warped view of what was going on, but that is what makes the villain a good villain.

We also go into the story of the detective Ha-Joon and his search for his brother. This took some serious twists in episode 5 as Ha-Joon found himself in the records room of the Squid Game and he discovered that his brother was not among the current players but had been a winner in 2016. This makes me wonder if my rampant speculation from a few episode write-ups ago is going to turn out to be correct. Is the Black Mass boss man his brother? When he was looking at the records, the camera specifically darkens out the picture of his brother from the upper corner of the sheet, and I feel as if the brother is definitely here somewhere. I am unaware of who else the big boss may be otherwise as the show has definitely spent time to conceal that identity.

Back in the dorm room, Gi-hun is really showing how much growth he has shown in the short time he has been in the Squid Game. He is taking care of Number 001, humorously interacting with Sae-byeok, and playing reverse psychology with Deok-su. That scene with Deok-su where Gi-hun carefully plants the seeds of mistrust in Deok-su’s head toward his other team mates, suggesting that they may want to attack Deok-su because he is the strongest in the game. It was a brilliant maneuver and kept Deok-su from launching another attack in the night.

The doctor in the show, who had been harvesting the organs in exchange for info, continued to be shown as not the best of the medical profession. He was becoming irritated with the other soldiers around him in “his” operating room and he started yelling at people. His behavior only escalated when he discovered that the soldiers did not know yet what the next game was going to be. This turned into a huge chase with the doctor trying to get away, only to find death at the end of the road. He was an obscene character and I was glad to see him eliminated.

We start to see what may be the eventual downturn in health of Number 001. He broke into a fever during the night and Gi-hun tried to help cool him down. He was laying down when the soldiers had come over to him to have him move, Gi-hun tried to protect him, but the soldier pulled the covers away to reveal that Number 001 had urinated over himself in the night. Teh sadness of the scene was terrible as Gi-hun flashed his expressive face. I am worried that Number 001 may not be long for the series.

I am watching this much quicker than I initially had intended. I was going to watch maybe one a day or one episode every few days. Now I am done with five on Saturday (going to watch one more tonight before the Dodgers start) and will have only three left. I guess that speaks to the brilliance of the series as well as anything does.

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