Squid Game Ep. 6



Okay, that one was tough.

Never will look at marbles the same way again.

The show flipped the script on us once again as the people in charge of the Squid Game had the players choose partners. We all thought that they were choosing partners to work together with, but instead, they chose someone they were going to have to play against with marbles. Whoever ended up with all 20 marbles would be the winner. So we had a fun little section at the beginning with these characters pairing up, with plenty of character moments, only to pull the rug out. Seeing the pairings, the fears that we would be losing some of our favorite characters was obvious.

The pairings were:

Gi-hun and Number 001

Ali and Sang-woo

Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong

Doek Soo and Player 278

Things were set up for some painful moments. And then the episode was spent showing amazing character moments and development that gave us more insights into who these people were. Ji-yeong and Sae-byeok in particular told us a great deal about their tragic pasts and what they may or may not do when they “win” the money.

Sang-woo showed his true colors in his pairing with Ali, as he was losing badly to the innocent soul that was Ali. He suckered Ali into giving him the bag full of marbles after Ali nearly won everything. Sang-woo betrayed the young father, who reminded us about his family during the emotional dialogue. Sang-woo has been sketchy throughout the first five episodes, but this was the worst thing he had done. The sound of the gunshot was painful. Thankfully we did not have to see the blood spray from Ali.

Of course, perhaps the worst one was Gi-hun and Player 001. The old man was suffering with the brain tumor, but was winning the majority of the marble rounds. Gi-hun was becoming more frustrated and afraid with every failure, until the opportunity presented itself to him. Player 001, who had told Gi-hun that they were now gganbu, best friends in marble playing, could not remember what he had said and Gi-hun lied to him, manipulating him so he could start to win some. This became the continuous stretch as Gi-hun kept lying to him. Gi-hun told the story of his own guilt and fear on his face. When Player 001 had one remaining marble, he wandered off, forced Gi-hun to follow him.

They wound up in a house that Player 001 said was his old house, and then he asked why Gi-hun would be fooling him. The pain just flooded out of Gi-hun. Player 001 gave the remaining marble to him, accepting his fate. The last words from Player 001 was that he remembered his name and that it was Oh Il-nam. As Gi-hun walked away, we heard the fatal gunshot.

This was a painfully emotional episode. One of the best of the series and it really moved the story forward.

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