The Adventurer (1917)

DailyView: Day 222, Movie 309

Today, I went back into the catalogue of Charlie Chaplin with the 1917 short, The Adventurer. Where as the last Chaplin film was starting to feel old for me, this one was back to the original feel for me.

In The Adventurer, Chaplin was an escaped convict being chased by a group of prison guards. Escaping from the guards by swimming out into the ocean along the beach, Chaplin found a group of people who were drowning. Saving them, Chaplin made up a story of him hearing their cries for help on his yacht.

This led to a party and the prison guards returning to chase Chaplin around.

This short shows off one of the greatest skills of Charlie Chaplin, his impeccable comedic timing. The slapstick in this short included several moments where the expert timing had to work at an exact moment or it would not work. I do not know how many takes it required to perform these brilliant moments, but it looks fluid.

Everything was so meticulously choreographed and designed that it was really fun to watch. Chaplin is very funny and his expressions only make the scenes better.

Another fun and funny short with EYG Hall of Famer Charlie Chaplin.

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