Movie Trailers: A Love Story (2020)

DailyView: Day 223, Movie 310

One of the YouTube commenters who I have enjoyed over the years has been John Campea, from days at AMC Movie Talk to his current YouTube Channel. He spends his time on his channel talking about movies, TV shows and pop culture. One of the typical things that he would discuss on his channel was movie trailers, and it was always apparent that he loved the medium of trailers.

Campea took that love of trailers and created a documentary that looked at the history of trailers, how they make people feel, and why they have become such a cultural phenomenon.

It is a fascinating topic because trailers have become a huge business, not only on YouTube, but across the Internet. John Campea brought some of his friends and fellow YouTube commenters/reactors to discuss the history of trailers and how these trailers helped create a greater anticipation for the movies they are trying to promote.

Some of Campea’s colleagues and friends involved in the documentary included Robert Meyer Burnett, Grae Drake, Kristian Harloff, Scott Mantz, Cody Miller, Greg Alba, and Chris Gore. These “talking heads” of the documentary is one of the best parts provided. Watching how Scott Mantz’s face lights up talking about the trailer for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is worth inclusion of all of the speakers.

The documentary is split into several chapters, ranging from the trailer history to a discussion on whether trailers give away too much of the movie. Each section is highlighted from some of the best trailers in movies history.

I was disappointed that I did not see my personal favorite trailer, the “Hurt” version of the Logan trailer. Still, with the massive amount of trailers available, I can understand why some were excluded. There were a lot of focus on the Marvel trailers, and the discussion on how the Iron Man trailer at Comic Con 2007 changed the game was intriguing.

I really enjoyed the documentary very much. I could hear John Campea’s voice in the narration of the documentary, despite it not being his literal voice. There were point made that I had heard Campea make on his show before. His personality did come through in the trailer as did his love for the genre.

If you are a movie fan, you enjoy this documentary. It is a light watch, but it shows the passion that comes with movie fans.

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