The Postcard Killings (2020)

DailyView: Day 227, Movie 314

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has had several big roles over the last few years, but few lead roles in movies. So when I found The Postcard Killings on Hulu, I was interested. It was a serial killer story which I have always liked too.

Morgan played police detective Jacob Kanon, the father of a daughter who was murdered, along with her husband, on her honeymoon in Europe. Jacob went to find the murderer, realizing that his daughter had become a victim of a serial killer.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is extremely likable and you can feel his pain during this story. We have seen the vengeful father trope before, but with Morgan, the film avoids the clichés of this character because of his acting and general presence.

After Morgan, much of the film is unremarkable, but watchable. There is nothing new and exciting in The Postcard Killings, but the familiar was okay.

Famke Jansson played Jacob’s ex-wife, Valerie, who has little to do. She has a scene with the father of the killer that is interesting, but doesn’t go far enough.

The final scene, however, is quite a cop out and feels like a poor horror film desperate to continue a franchise than a conclusion to the story.

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