2021 saw an explosion of reactors/commenters/content providers on YouTube. The list doubled from the past. Everybody has a channel and a Patreon and is reviewing movies or TV Shows or reacting.

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#20. Action Industries. Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai are notable performers from the Schmoedown and they react and talk about movies, the Schmoedown, TV and their lives. The chemistry and friendship between them is the selling factor for their “Action Army.”

#19. The Movie Couple. Wendy and Dustin, I have enjoyed their reactions to the Marvel Disney + shows in particular. They are so reactive to the shows that it is fun to watch.

#18. Roxy Striar. Live at the Roxy is one of the times we have seen Roxy and her opinions. She is outspoken, opinionated and oh so funny.

#17. Mr. Lboyd Reacts. The most recent discovery on YouTube, Mr. Lboyd’s reactions, especially to Weird Al Yankovic songs, have been enjoyable. He responds to the videos in an original way.

#16. Jamel-AKA-Jamal. Another reactor to music and other things. This channel went through a stretch when I was watching everything from him. I even bought a couple of t-shirts from his store.

#15. Jeremy Jahns. Jeremy reviews movies and he has always been someone who I felt like shared my opinions. Jeremy became more ragged during the pandemic, but he still is one of my favorite personalities on YouTube.

#14. Late to the Party. Robert and Vanessa. Another pair that reacts to pop culture. I have especially enjoy the Marvel Disney + series that they react to.

#13. John Campea. John has a daily show where he makes lists and repeats things over and over. Still, he is knowledgeable and funny. His reactions to Marvel shows and other pop culture are original and straightforward. Bring on the filthy.

#12. Dan Murrell. Dan Murrell was one of my favorite personalities during his Screen Junkies and Schmoedown days. Dan started his own channel and he thrived with movie reviews and discussions of box office results. Dan’s personality is what sells his channel.

#11. SEN Live. This was one of my favorite shows earlier in the year. A comedy show with a rotating cast of commenters, SEN Live was outrageous and funny. Since it moved to Twitch, I have not seen it as much, but some of the first half of the year was spent enjoying this show.

#10. New Rockstars. Erik Voss and his crew that spends his days combing through trailers and shows looking for every Easter egg imaginable and throwing out wild theories that may be possible. Mephisto anyone?

#9. Settle the Score. Matt Knost, from the Top 10 Show, and musical director Andy Merryweather have a music movie trivia show. Do you know what movie a song is from? How about a score? How many notes do you need to identify a score? Settle the Score is a fun show with two great personalities.

#8. The Geek Buddies. The. Geek. Buddies. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. John Rocha, Michael Vogel and Shannon McClung talk about the geekiest items in the world of pop culture. Their friendship and connection is the biggest attraction to watch them. They have wonderful thoughts and they are very knowledgeable. Their Marvel Disney + reviews have been epic.

#7. The Reel Rejects. Greg Alba and John Humphreys react to all matter of videos and pop culture. I have especially enjoyed their reactions to New Rockstar videos. Greg and John are clearly friends and that comes across the screen.

#6. Ups and Downs. What Culture’s wrestling show with Simon Miller as he reviews the wrestling shows RAW, Smackdown and the PPVs and he gives the good bits an up and the bad bits a down. He spent a chunk of the year counting the “most dangerous move in all of sports entertainment”- the surprise roll up.

#5. Ashleigh Burton. Ashleigh is a millennial who likes to watch classic movies for the first time and rate them… sometimes with the help of her cat, Beans. Ashleigh is funny and quick witted. She has been the biggest surprise on YouTube for me in 2021.

#4. Top 10. Still one of my favorite shows, The Top 10 is John Rocha and Matt Knost giving their lists of certain movie topics every week and then combining them into one list as a show. Their banter is a highlight as is their potential disagreements.

#3. Fatman Beyond. Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin give their opinions on pop culture in a humorous and poignant manner. Filming at the Scum and Villainy Cantina in California (with Bamf Man), Kevin cracks the jokes, Marc brings the news and the charisma between them is perfect.

#2. pReview’d. It’s Jay… and Adam… it’s pReview’d! I discovered these two this year and I love their reactions. They are so funny and they react with such emotions. Watching Adam break down in happiness because of a Masters of the Universe trailer or sob uncontrollably over Squid Game, or seeing Jay in horror over USAgent’s brutal attack in “Winter Falcon” have been highlights. I have watched their material multiple times because their reactions are so pure.

pReview'd with Adam and Jay is creating Pop Culture Comedy Videos | Patreon

#1. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Again this year, the MTS has been a huge hit. The trivia show that is so much more. The brainchild of Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, the MTS has become a huge league featuring Singles, Teams, Innergeekdom and Star Wars divisions. Some of the trivia is insane but it is more than answers. It is strategies, personalities and entertainment. Season 8 was named WAR. Season 9 will be Reboot. Excited to see where this goes.

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