EYG Movie Trivia Schmoedown Match of the Year

I found this to be the toughest year to rank. Fact is, most of the matches were in the same high quality level that you could not necessarily rank them. I decided to drop the match ranking down to ten this year not because of a lack of quality matches, but because of an excess of matches that are in the same level.

Previous Match of the Year winners:

Movie Trivia Schmoedown Match of the Year

Previous WinnersJTE defeats Drew McWeeny in Sudden Death(2017), Mara Knopic defeated Rachel Cushing in Innergeekdom Tournament (2018), Rachel Cushing defeated Mike Kalinowski in Sudden Death to win the Innergeekdom championship (2019), Dan Murrell defeated Ben Bateman in Sudden Death to win the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship (2020)

#10. Marisol McKee defeated Edwin Erwin for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship. While the match was not a standout, the historical implications were off the chart.

#9. Griffin Newman defeated William Bibbiani. Tournament match up that went into sudden death. This was a great match up between two titans of trivia.

#8. Mike Kalinowski defeated Robert Parker at the Spectacular. Kalinowski battled Robert Parker, who had been running rampant through the IG tourney, and he was able to knock back his challenge. Kalinowski continued to etch his name in the annals of MTS IG history.

#7. Brendan Hanna defeated Eric Zipper. This match featured the greatest pep talk of Roxy Striar to Hanna, who was all but defeated. Hanna raged back and defeated the excellent Zipper.

#6. Mara Knopic defeated Chandru Dhandapani for the IG Championship. Mara Knopic returned from time off for health reasons to defeat Chandru, who was looking unbeatable.

#5. Dan Murrell defeated Adam Collins for the Singles Championship. Dan Murrell became a five time champion by defeating the man who took the title from him. The GOAT continued to build on his accolades.

#4. Shazam defeated the New Odd Couple for the Team Championships. With Jeanine the Machine taking the place of the retired Marc Andreyko, Shazam won the titles in a classic battle. The new Odd Couple was behind, but nearly came from behind to hold the titles. However, Shazam claimed the belts.

#3. Marisol McKee defeated Jeanine the Machine. This was the match that nearly upended Marisol’s run to the title. Jeanine looked as if she had the match won, but missed her five point question and ended up falling to Lady Justice.

#2. Shazam defeated Korruption. The second 51-50 match of the year. Korruption battled to the final question, but Shazam did not miss a question and that makes it hard to defeat them.

#1. Andrew Dimalanta defeated Alex Damon for the Star Wars Championship. A double perfect game until the final question in sudden death. What many consider the greatest match in Schmoedown history. It was a display of skill unlike anything we had ever seen and was an epic struggle as Dimalanta unseated the undefeatable champion in Alex Damon.

Match Picks - Alex Damon vs. Andrew Dimalanta - YouTube

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