Movie Trivia Schmoedown Year in Review

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown dubbed season 8 as War and they had a full season of faction battles unlike any other. The season was filled with great moments, mostly virtual with a few live events mixed in. There were gigantic upsets, comebacks and new stars built. Here are the EYG Year in Review for teh MTS.

Player of the Year: Marisol McKee.

The current singles champion who defended the title twice, joining a small group who also defended twice.

Runners-Up: Griffin Newman, Thomas Harper, Dan Murrell, Mike Kalinowski

Team of the Year: Shazam

Bibs and the Kid are currently on a huge run, ending the season 13-2 overall. They are showing to be dominant and the best team in Schmoedown history.

Runners-Up: Danger Zone, King Arthur, Korruption, Final Exam

Manager of the Year: Tom Dagnino

Finstock had a faction full of rookies, but yet they wound up almost winning the whole thing. It should not have been possible. I am not sure he is the best manager, but the results cannot be argued against.

Runners-Up: Coy Jandreau, Shannon Barney

Rookie of the Year: Griffin Newman

This was the toughest choice to make. Thomas Harper was the other choice, but I decided that since Star Wars is so specialized, that Griffey Newms, who was dominant in teams and singles, and did not lose until Spectacular, tops the undeniably impressive Star Wars Champion.

Runner-Up: Thomas Harper.

Faction of the Year: Korruption.

I almost gave this to The Quirky Mercs, but Korruption had to fight back for the second year in a row and took the faction title. They were very deserving.

Runners-Up: The Quirky Mercs, The Finstock Exchange

Best Tournament of the Year: The Singles Tournament

A massive tournament that had 32 players. Griffin Newman won the whole thing.

Runners-Up: Team tournament, First teams tournament

Face of the Year: Shazam

There is no better face than the team of William Bibbiani and The Kid Brendan Meyer. They are so respectful and just wanting to have fun defending their titles. They are exceptionally good people.

Runners-Up: Dan Murrell, Mara Knopic, Jeanine the Machine

Heel of the Year: Shannon Barney

No one is more of a heel than the manager of Korruption. She can make you just hate hearing what she says while you hate the fact that she is telling the truth.

Runners-Up: Tom Dagnino, Chandru Dhandapani, Ben Bateman

Moment of the Year: Marisol McKee wins the title.

History was made when Marisol defeated Ethan Erwin and became the first ever woman to hold the singles title. Lady Justice deserved this moment.

Shock of the Year: Wildberries reunite.

WILD. BERRIES! After Shannon dumped Elliot Dewberry at the Spectacular, Josh “Wildman” Macuga found his way back to his old partner and the Wildberries returned to the MTS.

Best Promo: Kevin Smets returns at Spectacular.

After a year plus battle with cancer, Kevin Smets returned to shut up Chandru at the end of Spectacular and he was rocking the night. The Smasher dominated the mike.

Runner-Up: John Rocha’s retirement speech.

Best Innergeekdom Player of the Year: Mike Kalinowski

Kalinowski is the greatest IG player of all time and he defended that title three times this year, in a couple of matches that he looked like he was going to lose, but pulled out. That sounded like destiny to me.

Runners-Up: Robert Parker, Mara Knopic, Chandru Dhandapani

Best Star Wars Player of the Year: Thomas Harper

Thomas Harper came into the league with great hype from Dragon Con and he lived up to every bit of it. He was dominant in a division that does not allow mistakes.

Runners-Up: Andrew Dimalanta, Laura Kelly, Nicki Dimalanta, Gold Leader

Exhibition Match of the Year: Dan Murrell vs. John Rocha, One Last Ride

Though the match itself was not down to the last question, the importance of The Outlaw retiring was above all else in the match.

Comeback of the Year: JTE

JTE came rolling back into the MTS after a couple of years and didn’t miss a step. In fact, I think he was even better this year than in his past.

Runners-Up: Mara Knopic, Ethan Erwin

Match of the Year: Still coming….

Rankings for Schmoedown Competitors — Movie Trivia Schmoedown - The  Schmoedown Live!

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