Bound (1996)

DailyView: Day 245, Movie 342

The Wachowskis became a huge success after they created and directed the original Matrix. However, prior to the Matrix, they directed another film called Bound and it was great.

We meet ex-com Corky (Gina Gershon) who comes across Violet (Jennifer Tilly), who was dating a man named Caesar (Joe Pantoliano), who was involved with the mob. Corky and Violet form a sexual connection and begin to plot together on a theft of $2 million dollars that Caesar had to clean (literally). They planned on framing Caesar for the stealing of the mob money, but their plot does not go as smoothly as planned.

This was a fun, violent and dramatic story, with several twists and turns that you do not see coming. Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly have great chemistry with each other and Joe Pantoliano brings the menace of Caesar to the film. These three carry the heavy load of the movie and they do it expertly.

The plot works extremely well as every step feels as if it was beautifully laid out in the story and works no matter how implausible or unexpected it should have been. Everything works story wise.

The last 45 minutes or so of the film is as batshit crazy as you can expect, with anxiety and nerves off the chart. You are never sure what is going to happen or how, or if, they surviving this plan.

The style is well done and the film leads right into the Matrix success. Good stuff.

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